Work Study

One of the opportunities available to juniors and seniors during the summer is the Work Study Program.  Students who are selected to participate in Work Study will have the opportunity to gain entry-level experience in their desired career field. In addition to receiving hands-on experience, students will earn an additional stipend of *$300. Checks will be issued at the end of the program during the awards banquet.


* Work study stipends are dependent on student attendance and are subject to change if attendance requirements are not met.


Work Study applications are available at the after-school program at each high school.

Former Participants said...

I have enjoyed being able to do the video production for Work Study during the past years. This experience gives an accurate representation of what it would be like to work under supervisors, all while being able to have the freedom to make our productions that can be used for portfolios and resumes.”

– Ryan Roberts, Upward Bound's Video Crew (2017)


“My Work Study supervisor, Mrs. Wendie Hernandez, showed me how to read, analyze, and assess a situation. She gave me a better experience of a work environment because it showed me never slack off. In a real world scenario if you slack off you won’t get far in life.”

– Eloy Carrion, Hill College Information Technology (2017)


“Having this experience at the animal shelter did help me find my strong passion for animals, and I may one day find a career in animal science or maybe even people.”

– Shelby Craig, Hill County Paw Pals (2017)


“Being in Work Study was a very helpful and a fun experience. Not only did I get to help an art professor, Mr. Tom Sale, tidy up the art department, but also I was able to work with the young children during Kids College build puppets out of clay and paper mache.”

– Leonor Maldonado, Hill College Art Department (2017)

“Every day I was given the chance to shine with my strengths and improve skills… I will never be able to thank them enough for this amazing opportunity.”

– Kirsten Cassey (2014)


“I learned how to better deal with people, be more professional, and the most important thing I gained was that I got to see what my future career could possibly be.”

– Jonathan Carroll (2014)


“Work study has taught me a few things about how life works – that going to college really does pay off, it doesn’t only make a person smarter but also gives them a better life by providing them more opportunities.”

– Judah Ruvalcaba (2014)


“My work study experience was absolutely phenomenal… Being in a professional environment really opened my eyes.”

– Ty Caskey (2013)


“I think this experience has already helped me a lot, especially in my public speaking… I really needed to get out of my shell and be confident in myself, and I think I have learned that in work study.”

– Stefany Maldonado (2013)