Frequently Asked Questions

What if my student has a conflict that interferes with their participation in the program?

(ex: summer school, sports requirements, or vacation)

We understand that summer brings a host of activities for students. If your student has other activities during the summer, please fill out the Summer Schedule Conflicts form found in the registration packet to let us know of conflicts. Please note that absences will interfere with the stipend amount and End of the Year Trip eligibility.

What if my student cannot attend any of the Summer Program?

Even though participation in the Summer Program is mandatory, we understand there are some circumstances that might prevent your student from attending. Please communicate the conflict to a staff member, and fill out the Summer Schedule Conflicts form.

Why is there one week of residential programming?

In order to simulate a collegiate experience, the Summer Program will host the first week as a residential program, with students staying in the dorms Monday through Thursday afternoon. This week will help familiarize students with campus, staff, and one another. 

What will overnight arrangements look like?

Hill College is providing the use of student residential facilities. We will have separate dorm buildings for male and female students. Students will be required to stay in their dorms beginning at 10:00pm and will have a room curfew at 11:00pm.  Quiet hours will be observed from midnight through 7:00am.

Residential advisors will be hired to live with the students in the residence hall and to provide supervision, support, and mentoring for all students. We will have a full time staff member available at all times.

Will students be safe on campus?

Absolutely! Our staff is thoroughly trained in order to ensure your student’s safety.

Summer staff members are first aid and CPR certified. If any medical emergencies arise, Hill Regional Hospital is located 1.4 miles away from campus. Our summer staff are also trained for a variety of non-medical emergencies including campus evacuations, lock downs, and inclement weather scenarios. Our staff will be thoroughly trained in order to ensure your student's safety. We will also be employing a security officer for both the residential week as well as any overnight trips involving stays in hotels.

Can I pick up my student from the summer program?

Students who need to leave campus with a parent for any reason must be checked out by an ORS staff member. Students will only be released to individuals who have been approved by the parent or legal guardian ahead of time.

What do I do if I need to get in touch with my student while they are at the program?

Students who own cell phones will be able to use them at the program unless they are in class. Parents who need to get in touch with their student can call an ORS staff member at any time at (817)224-2248.  A staff member will deliver a message or locate a student in case of emergency. 

Will ORS provide transportation to Hill College?

Yes, ORS will provide transportation for students to Hill College completely free of charge. 

Can my child drive him/herself?

Students may drive themselves to Hill College with parental permission. Students who choose this option are on their own for gas expenses and all liability. You will need to fill out the Transportation Agreement and provide information. Please be at Hill College daily by 9:15am. They will need to sign in and out upon arrival, and they

cannot take friends home without written permission from their legal guardian.

How much will this program cost?

The summer program is completely free to all UB/UBMS participants. There is no cost or charge to you. 

Are meals provided?

During the residential portion of the program breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks will be provided for students. During the remainder of the program, breakfast and lunch will be provided each day at no cost to the students.

What supplies will my student need for the Summer Program?

ORS is asking students to bring the following for the first week:

  • Backpack 
  • Bedding (blanket, sheets, sleeping bag, etc.)
  • Pillow
  • Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc.)
  • Clothes
  • Towels

If you are unable to provide these items, please let an ORS staff member know as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements to provide these materials.


ORS will be providing all other supplies for program activities. This includes school supplies, two t-shirts, and class equipment.

How does the stipend work?

Students have the opportunity to earn a stipend which will accumulate based on attendance.  Stipends will be paid via a check made out to each student participant following the end of the program in mid-August. The maximum stipend which can be earned is $90 over the course of our 6-weeks program.

What kinds of classes will my student be taking?

UB participants have the opportunity to take courses in science, math, composition & literature, and a foreign language. The classes will be hands-on and project based when possible. Students will also have the chance to take a variety of elective courses. Some past electives we have offered include robotics, outdoor adventure, karate, and art.

During the first week of the residential programming, students will also attend seminars on managing personal finances, study skills, and college readiness.  These seminars will equip students with skills necessary for their success throughout high school, college, and entry into the workforce.

Can students earn credit for the classes they take over the summer?

UB/UBMS summer courses will simulate college coursework but are not designed to be dual credit. These courses are designed to inspire life-long learning and to provide academic support rather than to provide academic credit.

Which students will go on the End of the Year trip?

Program Directors will use their professional discretion to decide who can attend the end of the year trip. That said, we would like to see as many of our students possible attend the trip.

Who should I call if I have questions?

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff members at (817) 224-2248 or (800) 506-8076. Staff contact information is listed here.