Paying for College

A big part of preparing for college is applying for scholarships and federal financial aid. Many scholarships, grants, and other funding opportunities exist for bright young students who can display financial need.


Understanding how to pay for college is especially important to students in their junior and senior years of high school, but understanding the process and getting prepared is important for all students, even freshmen!


Here are a few ways you can prepare to pay for college:

  • Get familiar with the FAFSA - Learn what it is, when you need to apply for it, and why it is important.
  • Start working on scholarships essays - It's never to early to start! Ask program staff about common scholarship essay prompts. By starting early and receiving help, you can ensure that you have strong scholarship essays going into your senior year.
  • Keep up your grades - Many scholarships are merit-based, meaning they are based on your performance in school. 
  • Start saving for college - Even small amounts (like your stipend) can be saved to contribute to school in the future.


Presentations on Paying for College

Financial Aid Resources

College Board Financial Aid Checklist
Finanical Aid Checklist.pdf
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Litsta de Control de la Ayuda Financiera
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Colleges with Free Tuition
A number of colleges offer free tuition to low income students. Check these out!
Free Tuition at Specific Colleges.pdf
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Tax Transcript

A tax transcript might be required if you are selected for financial aid verification. You can request a FREE transcript from the IRS.