19. October 2018
ORS has some exciting news we want to share! As you know, we are always striving to provide new and better opportunities for our students. This past summer we had the opportunity to write and apply for a one-time computer science supplemental grant of $40,000 for each of our four Upward Bound Programs for the 2018-2019 academic year. We have been recently notified that all four of our programs received the grant, totaling $160,000 worth of funding! This award is in addition to the current...
07. August 2018
Because of the delayed start for our new UBMS program this year, ORS had additional money available to send a group of students to San Diego to learn about coastal preservation and marine biology. We partnered with Wild Coast, another nonprofit located in San Diego, to offer our students an extraordinary opportunity on the west coast. On July 31st , 46 students and 6 staff members landed in San Diego at and quickly launched into a whirlwind of activities. Day one included a coastline...
30. July 2018
17. July 2018
Every year, at the end of our summer program, we take our students on a huge End of the Year trip. This year, we went to New Orleans, LA!
28. April 2018
This month, UB Classic and UBMS took field trips on different dates. On Monday ,April 23rd, UBMS Students from Rio Vista, Keene, Venus, and Alvarado went to T.G.I.Fridays then to TCU to watch the play Bat Boy. They had an awesome time. Then on Saturday, April 28th, the UB Classic students from those schools loaded up early and headed off. Their first stop was the Holocaust Museum. They were led by extremely knowledgeable docents and they learned so much! It was a very moving experience for a...
02. April 2018
We have finally announced our summer dates, trips and theme! We brought pizza and invited all our student's families to come hear about this summer. We had excellent attendance at each school, and are very grateful for the administration that allowed us to be in the schools and helped us set up! Students were informed of the changes that were taking place (with two new grants comes a new way of doing things), we announced what field trips we will be taking: Oklahoma State University, Tarleton,...
24. March 2018
ORS Upward Bound Math & Science students attend TAMU Veterinary School's Open House!
03. March 2018
Our students had the opportunity to learn about the physics of rollercosters. They all completed physics problems over actual rides at the park!
03. February 2018
On February 3, 2018 students from Alvarado, Keene, Rio Vista and Venus High Schools toured the campus of UNT in Denton. Afterwards we went to Painting with a Twist. They had a blast!
15. January 2018

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