Austin Computer Science Extravaganza

On February 17-18th we took the largest trip in our history! We took 178 students to Austin, Tx to visit the Texas Advanced Computing Center, the world's largest supercomputer! We left on Sunday, the 17th, and had our students broken into three separate groups. The three groups that our students chose from were either a Tech track, Cultural track, or an Outdoor track. Those that attended the Outdoor track got to visit the Inner Space Caverns and learn all about the caves and the underground ecosystem that resides there. The Tech track got to visit the Austin School of Film where we got to peek in on some Film classes that were taking place, we also got to learn more about the school, their mission, and about how to get involved. The Tech track also got to visit Zynga where we got a tour of the office and learned about how they create video games. We got to hear from current employees on what collegiate and career experiences they had and how it led them to their position now. The Cultural track got to experience the State Capitol. The day was jammed packed full of education and fun! We ended the day by attending a kinesthetics workshop at the Crux Climbing Center. We learned how the muscles and body works during rock climbing. Monday was our main event! Our students truly got a once in a lifetime experience, the Texas Advanced Computing Center opened their doors for our students on Monday February 18. They are not normally open to the public, so it was a special honor! Our students got to learn how to code cars to drive, they toured the data center, learned all about the largest supercomputer, learned how to wire circuit boards, and got to hear from a panel of TACC staff. A huge thank you the TACC, Zynga, Austin School of Film, and Inner Space Caverns for hosting us! 

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