Campus Tour of UNT and Painting with a twist!

We had the honor of taking 70 students to visit the University of North Texas in Denton. We were able to get a tour from the Office of Outreach, which was a really nice addition! Our students got to hear from current students, many of which were doing the tour as a part of scholarship requirements. They were able to tell us about the campus in a way that really related to our students! They got to see the buildings/ schools that they were specifically interested in, rather than a general tour. We got to hear from several Emerald Eagle Scholar students- they were able to explain what it is, how to qualify/ apply, the benefits of the program and more! We ate lunch on campus in Kerr hall- an all you can eat buffet! Afterwards, we went to Painting with A Twist in Ft. Worth (Hulen location). We split our students into 2 groups for the 2 different paintings. We had about 50 in the "Big Bear Sky" room and about 20 in the other room painting "A New Day." Our students and leaders had a blast!


Painting with a Twist also took pics of our group, follow the link to see more:


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