iFly Indoor Skydiving

On October 12th 2017, we took about 57 kids to iFly Indoor Skydiving in Hurst TX. We arrived, split our students into 4 different groups and went from there. The groups were divided and put into different rotating STEM activities. While one group was flying, another group was learning about velocity, inertia, etc. the other two groups were doing another STEM workshop, while the final group was taking the flying instructional course and it rotated the entire night until each student had gone through all four stations. 


These kids had a blast! Each group got two rounds of one minute fly time, which doesn't sound like long, but in the tunnel, one minute lasts awhile! 


Before we left, the iFly staff gave us an awesome STEM presentation which included them putting water, basketballs, tennis balls, whiffel balls, etc. in the tunnel to see how they were affected by different speeds of wind and how the Flyer could manipulate the ball's flight path. 


We ended our night at CiCi's Pizza

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