Staff Spotlight: Tiffany Carter 

Been with ORS since September 2015

Attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University 

Majoring in Theater Education


Favorite class in college: Stage Make-up was my favorite class because we got to do wounds, scars and stuff and it was wicked! 


Least favorite class in college: American History I, because it was horrible and the professor was the worst. 


Why college: “I went to college so that I could get the education necessary to get the job of my dreams which is teaching high school theater!”


Favorite thing about college: “I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and grown emotionally and mentally during my time at SAGU. The knowledge I have acquired in my time in college will benefit me and help me further my career.”


Why tutoring? “This job as a tutor has not only been rewarding because of the relationships I've built and the impact I'm able to have on students, but because it is also one step towards my dream of being a teacher! I love working with high school students, and it's exciting to get some experience in before I take over the class room!”


Interesting thing about yourself? "I love theater. I'm super dramatic and love to be loud and fun! Lions are my; favorite animal ever, and I was homeschooled my entire life!" 



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