Staff Spotlight: Destiny Harris 


Been with ORS since spring of 2013

Attending Southwestern Assemblies of God University

Majoring in Secondary English Education


Favorite class in college: "World Political Systems. My teacher was the coolest guy!


Least favorite class in college: Linguistics. It was a hard class in general, and the teacher progressed too fast."


Why college? "I wanted to be the first to graduate college in my family. I also wanted to work with teens, and teaching is a great way to get started doing that! I had a hard time in high school. Having a supportive teacher would have made a positive impact in my life. I hope to be that impact for future students. Watching my family struggle financially due to lack of education and drive influenced me to go to college. I knew that constant financial struggle was not something that I wanted for myself."


Favorite thing about college? "My favorite things about college are the freedoms that were simply not given in high school. Also, the students are in college because they want to be, therefore; classes run more smoothly with fewer discipline issues."


Why tutoring? "Tutoring is a great experience for a future teacher. Also, Venus is the bomb!"


Interesting fact about you? "I was born with an extra "baby" tooth."