Staff Spotlight: Mr. White

Name: Richard White

Been with ORS since November 2012

Graduated from UTA back when it was known as Arlington State College

Obtained a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics with a minor in Physics


Favorite classes in college: Calculus and Physics


Least favorite classes in college: Abstract Algebra, Chemistry, and English


Why college? 

"I wanted to improve my chances of a better life through my job."


What was your favorite thing about college? 

"New ideas and the freedom to question anything. The sudden realization that there is so much out there to learn."


Why tutoring? 

"I love Math & Physics. I have an interest in others realizing that learning such subjects can be fun and really important in making their future the best it can be."


What's something interesting about yourself that students don't know? 

"I thought about going to school and obtaining an accounting degree. Spent time in Scouting as a Scout, Patrol Leader, Sr. Patrol Leader, Assistant Scout Master, and High Adventure Explorer Adviser."